Multi-sponsor Surveys Inc.
Primary Market Research data at affordable prices.

Multi-sponsor Surveys develops, conducts and markets consumer and professional market research programs and services. Established in 1989, Multi-sponsor Surveys conducts over 100 major, primary research studies each year, offering one of the most extensive databases of consumer, professional and business-to-business research.

Market Expertise -- Continuous monitoring of consumer trends gives Multi-sponsor Surveys a knowledge of the marketplace that can only be gained from decades of trend analysis.

Affordable Pricing -- By sharing the cost of studies among multiple subscribers, large sample sizes, diverse methodologies and state-of-the-art analysis models are obtainable at considerably lower costs than those of custom research.

Custom Options -- Subscribers are not limited to the syndicated study. The optional addition of custom, proprietary questions with complete confidentiality allows subscribers to expand the scope of a study to meet all of their research objectives.

Ready Availability -- For subscribers in need of immediate answers to emerging research questions, Multi-sponsor Surveys maintains a library of recently completed reports available for immediate electronic delivery or next day mail delivery.