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Home Diagnostics & Self-Directed Healthcare
First Half Payment: $950.00

Many U.S. adults avoid doctors as much as possible and nearly half of adults prefer to use home diagnostic devices to monitor their own health whenever possible. Multi-sponsor Surveys’ report on Home Diagnostics & Self-Directed Healthcare examines consumers’ approach to healthcare and willingness to take charge by monitoring their own health with home diagnostic devices and tests.
Information Sources For Rx Medication Side Effects
First Half Payment: $950.00

The internet now rivals doctors and pharmacists as an information source for prescription drug side-effects . Multi-sponsor Surveys’ report on Information Sources For Rx Medication Side Effects examines how frequently adults seek out information about side-effects when filling a new prescription and where they turn for this information .
In-Home Healthcare Agencies
First Half Payment: $1,200.00

The 2012 Gallup Target Report on the Market for In-Home HealthCare Agencies provides a snapshot of the current home healthcare market, examining current market size and growth projections as well as obstacles to the use of home-care agencies among caregivers.  Awareness and use of 13 selected in-home healthcare agencies are reported for the U.S. at large as well as by region of the country.
Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes Market Overview
First Half Payment: $5,500.00

Pre-diabetics are taking a more active role in managing their condition by engaging in more and more frequent behaviors associated with improving and stabilizing their condition as compared to 2006.  This report covers a wide range of topics including prevalence of diabetes in the U.S. population, details on diagnosis, symptoms, health care professional involvement, blood glucose monitoring behaviors, medication usage, lifestyle changes and awareness and consumption of various nutrients and supplements perceived as useful in the management of diabetes/pre-diabetes.
Natural Cold Remedies
First Half Payment: $6,000.00

Natural cold remedies have established a strong position as an alternative treatment for the common cold, particularly among Millennials and parents. Report findings focus on market penetration, brand awareness and use, market potential and the competitive landscape, including brand user demographic profiles for Airborne, Emergen-C, Zicam and Cold-Eeze.
Nasal Sprays
First Half Payment: $8,000.00

This new report on the nasal spray market explores the size of the markets for both allergy and cough/cold sufferers and the proportion of each who currently use nasal spray symptom relief products.  Also included are insights on how nasal spray users differ from users of other medication forms to treat respiratory allergy and cough/cold symptoms and highlights market opportunities for growth.
Allergy Eye Drops
First Half Payment: $8,000.00

Eye drops continue to be a key weapon in the arsenal of allergy sufferers, most certainly for those with eye-related symptoms.  OTC eye drop users, in particular, are generally quite satisfied with their primary brand for its symptom relief, effectiveness and overall performance.
OTC Psoriasis Treatments
First Half Payment: $8,250.00

The Gallup Target Market Report on OTC Psoriasis Treatments has been prepared to examine diagnosed sufferers’ usage habits and satisfaction with OTC treatments.   In addition, the report presents a broad overview of trends in use of psoriasis treatments, including Rx treatments and other non-medical products or treatments, i.e., moisturizers, supplements, etc., to show how the market is changing and how OTC treatments are represented within this broader landscape.
Toric Contact Lenses
First Half Payment: $9,800.00

Vision corrected consumers with astigmatism are slightly more likely to opt for contact lenses to correct their vision needs than are those without astigmatism. This is most likely influenced by their vision correction needs, as both contact lens wearers and those with astigmatism report needing strong vision correction in greater proportions than vision corrected consumers overall. The 2014 Gallup Target Market Report on the Market for Toric Contact Lenses combines three years of data to produce a robust sample of 1,747 astigmatic teens and adults who are either current or prospective contact lens wearers, 363 of whom are current toric lens wearers.
Menopause Management
First Half Payment: $20,750.00

Menopausal women are slowly shifting to a somewhat more favorable stance regarding hormone therapy, with vaginal estrogen treatments the winner. The recently released 2015 Gallup Study of Menopause Management, a merger of MSI’s long-running Gallup Studies of Menopause and Women’s Experiences with Hormone Therapy, continues to track key trends initiated in the earlier studies and investigates the views of women at all stages of menopause, from those approaching the onset of menopause to older, post-menopausal women.