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Impact of Braces on Teen Dental Care
First Half Payment: $4,200.00

Braces impact a sizeable portion of teenagers at some point during their adolescence. The Gallup Target Market Report on the Impact of Braces on Teen Dental Care examines the incidence of wearing braces among teens and explores the comparative dental hygiene and dental product choices of wearers vs. non-wearers.
Men's Hair Styling & Coloring
First Half Payment: $4,900.00

The 2011 Gallup Target Market Report on Men’s Hair Styling & Coloring examines general trends in
men’s hair styling and coloring practices. The report also examines how heavy hair product users – men
who use 3+ hair care products regularly – style their hair and how they segment based on attitudes toward
hair care. Profiles of each segment are provided along with market projections for where the men’s hair
care industry is headed over the coming decade.
Hispanic Women's Hair Styling Practices
First Half Payment: $5,800.00

The 2012 Gallup Target Market Report on Hispanic Women’s Hair Styling Practices provides marketers and manufacturers of hair styling products and services with insight on how Hispanic women style their hair, focusing on the products and styling appliances they use. The report also details how their hair styling methods, practices and attitudes differ from other adult women.
Men's Grooming Habits
First Half Payment: $5,900.00

The report provides producers of men’s grooming products and services with an understanding of the differences in grooming attitudes and behaviors among key demographic age groups – Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers, and Matures – and the market implications for each generation of men. A market segmentation of the male grooming consumer market based on attitudes toward grooming is also included.
Generational Differences in Women's Grooming Habits & Product Use
First Half Payment: $5,900.00

To further examine generational differences in women’s grooming habits and attitudes,
we are offering The 2013 Gallup Target Market Report on Generational Differences
in Women’s Grooming Habits & Product Use. For producers of female grooming
products, this report will offer insights on generational differences that can be used in
marketing and advertising strategy and new product development.
Body Spray
First Half Payment: $6,000.00

Our research shows that body spray user grooming habits and concerns differ from those of adults in general. This report offers manufacturers an overview of the size of the body spray market and its potential for growth as well as detailed insights on product user habits and practices – ranging from frequency of use to types used and usage occasions, with analysis of who the users are. Market implications and strategic growth potential round out the report.
Ethnic Differences in Male Grooming Attitudes & Behaviors
First Half Payment: $7,400.00

This compilation report, gathered from five primary market research surveys conducted in 2011 and 2012, provides marketers of men’s grooming products and services with an understanding of the differences in grooming attitudes and behaviors among key ethnic groups – Caucasian, Hispanic and African American – and the market implications of these differences.  The report details key differences in attitudes and practices, segmentation of the male consumer market based upon those attitudes toward grooming, usage of popular groom products and services, where they shop for grooming products and services, and future market directions.
Beauty Salon Trends
First Half Payment: $8,000.00

Beauty salon trend data shows that salons are facing difficult times.  The demand for salon services has been shrinking for a number of years, salon retail sales are down and the recession has had a decided impact on the industry.  On a brighter note, salons are working aggressively to strengthen their business and contain costs. This targeted market report provides data addressing a number of key questions:  How is the salon clientele landscape changing; where is the salon market headed; what are its growth projections?