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Furniture Lifestyle Segmentation
Furniture Lifestyle Segmentation
First Half Payment: $3,500.00

The 2011 Gallup Target Market Report on the Lifestyle Segmentation of the Market for Home
Furniture examines how women segment on lifestyle and how this impacts the home furniture market.
The report details how each segment differs on interests, hobbies, entertainment, shopping habits and
attitudes toward furniture/home decorating, and identifies which segments represent the best marketing
opportunities for home furniture manufacturers and marketers.
Future Outlook for Portable Moving Containers
Future Outlook for Portable Moving Containers
First Half Payment: $5,800.00

This target market report provides an overview of consumer awareness, use of and opinions toward
portable moving and storage container services, providing marketers of these services with answers to a
number of key industry questions, including: Who uses portable moving and storage container services? How satisfied are users? What motivates consumers to select this type of service? What is the future growth potential for the portable moving and storage container service market?