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Hispanic Acculturation
First Half Payment: $3,500.00

This Target Market report was compiled based on market segmentation analysis performed on data collected in The 2010 Gallup Study of Hispanic Eating Habits & Nutritional Priorities.  The segmentation focuses on aspects of respondent acculturation to the dominant U.S. culture and on their maintenance of a more traditional Latino or Spanish heritage.
High Fructose Corn Syrup
First Half Payment: $5,750.00

Recent Gallup surveys show that the number of consumers trying to limit their consumption of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has leveled off since 2006, after a fairly sharp increase.  Current consumer attitudes and perceptions of HFCS and the underlying reasons for avoiding HFCS are the focus of the 2013 Gallup Target Market Report on High Fructose Corn Syrup.  The report also provides an overview of the broad sweetener market and general nutrition trends that may help explain the continued avoidance of HFCS and point to where the sweetener market is headed.
Restaurant Iced Tea
First Half Payment: $6,500.00

Among U.S. adults in the general population, virtually all drink iced tea weekly or more often in the summer.  The 2012 Gallup Target Market Report on the Market for Restaurant Iced Tea was compiled to examine restaurant consumption of iced tea and details consumer preferences and consumption habits, such as iced tea flavors ordered regularly/most often in restaurants, purchase of caffeinated vs. decaffeinated iced tea and the importance of tea attributes when selecting restaurant iced teas, including taste, all-natural ingredients and flavor availability.  The report also discusses trends in the overall iced tea category and their implications for restaurant iced tea.
Prebiotic & Probiotic Supplements
First Half Payment: $7,600.00

Consumers are increasingly aware of digestive health benefits associated with probiotics and the variety of options available for adding them to their diets.  The 2013 Gallup U.S. Target Market Report on Prebiotic & Probiotic Supplements focuses on consumers who are choosing supplements as a delivery method and a shifting balance in the choice of OTC digestive health products vs. individual supplements.
Memory Loss
First Half Payment: $7,800.00

Memory loss is currently a problem for many adults and a future worry for even more as reflected in the roughly one in three adults who report taking some type of action to deal with their current or potential problem of memory loss.  This report examines trends in attitudes and behaviors related to memory loss (age-related and Alzheimer’s) and provides future market projections of the size of the market for nutritional memory loss treatment products.
Prenatal Vitamins
First Half Payment: $7,900.00

The 2012 Gallup Target Market Report on Prenatal Vitamins provides manufacturers with a broad landscape on changing attitudes toward and use of prenatal vitamins among current, recent and soon-to-be-pregnant women, as well as a sense of where the prenatal vitamin market is heading. The report also provides perspective on the professional side of the market – physician recommendations and patient compliance. This report also includes insights on purchase drivers in the category and user satisfaction in order to identify areas of unmet need.
Consumer Dietary Use of Fiber
First Half Payment: $8,000.00

Fiber continues to be among the top dietary nutrients consumers make an effort to consume.  Trends show some decline, however, in use and perceptions of its benefits.  This targeted report explores consumer awareness of the health benefits of fiber, perceived effectiveness of fiber for colon health and weight loss, efforts being made to consume fiber and the sources used.  Physician attitudes toward and recommendations being given for fiber consumption are also reported.
Changing Beverage Market
First Half Payment: $8,000.00

This new report on the Changing Beverage Market, tracks long-term trends in consumption of various beverages and includes information about consumers’ dietary efforts, sweetener preferences, interest in clean labels and use of at-home beverage-making appliances.
Calcium Update
First Half Payment: $8,500.00

Use of calcium supplements has risen dramatically in the past few years and is now higher among both men and women than ever measured in previous studies.  The 2011 Gallup Calcium Update explores this growing interest in calcium consumption among adults in the general population, among women in particular, as well as among physicians and mothers of preteen children.
Iron Supplements
First Half Payment: $9,000.00

The 2012 Gallup Target Market Report on Iron Supplements provides marketers with a perspective on supplement use overall and use of iron supplements in particular as well as interest in dietary sources of iron.  Topics covered include:  supplement usage habits among current iron supplement users, such as frequency, number and form taken; purchase outlets; women’s awareness of and attitudes toward nutritional needs during pregnancy; and, physicians’ roles and recommendations in promoting iron during pregnancy.